3 Best Untappd Alternatives to Save Time and Money in 2020 — OpenTap (2024)

Top 3 Untappd Alternatives for 2020

Are you looking for Untappd alternatives that offer a user-friendly interface with great features AND offer better pricing while empowering your brewery to grow and thrive?

3 Best Untappd Alternatives to Save Time and Money in 2020 — OpenTap (1)

Despite its popularity in the global beer community, the Untappd experience for craft brewery owners and managers may leave some things to be desired…

What is it that makes Untappd so popular?

With over 7 million app downloads worldwide, Untappd was the first major beer app to hit the app stores. Beer reviews, check-in functionality and achievement badges are some of the features that have made it popular with beer consumers today. After they were bought out by software company Next Glass, Untappd rolled out paid features like Verified Venues, Digital Boards, and Printed Menus for brewery owners.

But Untappd isn’t right for every brewery.

Fortunately, you’re in luck. There are several of Untappd alternatives on the market, with matching features and additional options to help you promote your brewery. Need a quick visual comparison? Here’s the complete Untappd feature battle table.

1. Untappd Alternatives: OpenTap – The New Kid

First up, our own OpenTap.

If you’re not a fan of paying up front and being locked into Untappd’s annual contracts, then OpenTap is the way to go. You can get started today for FREE!

OpenTap offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no annual contracts. We realize that pricey upfront payments for year-long contracts are a difficult pill to swallow for brewery owners, so we ditched all costs and made it completely free.

With OpenTap you get the same basic features as Untappd — your own brewery profile on the mobile app (with locations, hours, and amenities), digital display boards and printed menus.

What’s more, the OpenTap Operator interface is super simple, easy to use and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary features.

Additionally, OpenTap now offers the ability for breweries to sell beer for Pickup & Delivery — perfect for Beer Releases. And, you guessed it, that part is free too.

All in all, OpenTap is the most affordable solution for those of you that need comparable features but aren’t interested in high up front costs and annual contracts. If you are interested in supporting Independent beer and love fanatical customer service, OpenTap is the one for you.

What about features?

  • California Only - hyper focused Golden state marketing

  • Event Promotion - showcase individual and recurring brewery events

  • Beer it Forward - Empower loyal customers to share your beers with friends

  • Website Tap List - Seamlessly update your website every time you add a beer on OpenTap

  • TV Tap Lists - Stream your tap list directly to your digital TV displays

  • In-App Sales - Sell beer for Pickup or Delivery or Both!

Every Independent California brewery already has a free profile on OpenTap - Download the app and check out your brewery today!

What about pricing?

Since it’s completely free, OpenTap is 100% cheaper than Untappd, TapHunter and BeerMenus. No long-term contacts here.

With our Zero Setup feature you can get started immediately. We’ll add your brewery information, amenities and tap list for you so you can be up-and-running immediately.

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2. Untappd Alternatives: BeerMenus – The East Coast Veteran

Next up, we’ll look at BeerMenus.

Looking to support a couple of long time craft beer brothers on their personal adventure to make craft beer accessible on an international scale? BeerMenus is the team for you.

Join other local breweries in these top BeerMenu cities: Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Plainfield, IL, Rockford, IL, Albany, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, NY, New York, NY, Queens, NY, Rochester, NY, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Milwaukee, WI.

Since 2008, BeerMenus has been a flexible solution to grow with your brewery, taproom or restaurant as it matures. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to commit to a full-blown tap list system right out of the gate, BeerMenus is a perfect fit.

What about features?

  • Mobile App - App available on iOS and Android

  • Reach New Customers - Directly notify customers with email updates and push notifications

  • Digital TV Menus - Automatically update your TV displays

  • One Click Menus - Easily print out custom paper menus

They invite you to join their community of breweries marketing to their 6.7 million customers.

What about pricing?

BeerMenus varies in price from $29/mo to $99/mo based on the amount of features and functionality your brewery requires. Again, no long-term contacts like Untappd.

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3. Untappd Alternatives: TapHunter – The Hight Tech Startup

Finally, a look at TapHunter.

TapHunter, now officially rebranded as Evergreen Technology, provides all the same features as the companies above — TV, print and website tap list updates. Additionally they provide functionality for multi-spot locations and inventory management.

Their nearly $1,000,000 of investment capital has propelled them into national chains like Kroger, Whole Foods and Slater’s 50/50 Burgers by Design.

What about features?

  • Easy Menu Updates - Use a single dashboard to update all your menu items

  • Social Media Sharing/Monitoring - See what people are saying and keep fans informed

  • Multi-Location Management - Keep all your locations in sync

  • Inventory Management - Create order lists and simplify pricing calculations

If you require sophisticated inventory management coupled with multi-location support — look no further than Evergreen Technology.

What about pricing?

Starting at $49/mo (up to $177/mo) with no contract for the basic feature set — Evergreen is a great fit for an established bar, franchise or restaurant chain.

The Takeaway

While Untappd is the elephant in the room when it comes to craft brewery marketing and promotion, it can be costly and complicated. And that’s exactly why brewery owners are constantly looking for alternatives.

Luckily, good Untappd alternatives are not too hard to find that are more affordable or have more features.

I'm an enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the craft brewery and beer industry, particularly in the realm of brewery management and marketing tools. I've closely followed the evolution of beer-related apps and platforms, which is evident in my ability to provide in-depth insights into Untappd and its alternatives.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article and provide additional information:

  1. Untappd Overview:

    • Untappd is a popular beer app with over 7 million downloads globally.
    • It was the first major beer app available in app stores.
    • Features include beer reviews, check-in functionality, and achievement badges.
    • After being acquired by Next Glass, Untappd introduced paid features for brewery owners, such as Verified Venues, Digital Boards, and Printed Menus.
  2. Untappd Alternatives:

    • OpenTap:

      • Positioning itself as the new kid on the block, OpenTap offers a user-friendly interface with no upfront costs and no annual contracts.
      • Features include brewery profiles, digital display boards, printed menus, and the ability to sell beer for pickup and delivery.
      • Hyper-focused on California with specialized marketing features.
      • Pricing: Completely free, making it 100% cheaper than Untappd, TapHunter, and BeerMenus.
    • BeerMenus:

      • A well-established alternative, BeerMenus has been in operation since 2008 and caters to breweries, taprooms, and restaurants.
      • Features include a mobile app, email and push notification updates, digital TV menus, and easy-to-print custom paper menus.
      • Its pricing ranges from $29/mo to $99/mo based on required features, with no long-term contracts.
    • TapHunter (Now Evergreen Technology):

      • Formerly known as TapHunter, now rebranded as Evergreen Technology, this platform provides features similar to OpenTap and BeerMenus.
      • Notable for multi-location support and sophisticated inventory management.
      • Targets established bars, franchises, and restaurant chains.
      • Pricing starts at $49/mo and goes up to $177/mo for the basic feature set, with no contract required.
  3. Considerations for Choosing Alternatives:

    • Cost: Untappd alternatives such as OpenTap and BeerMenus offer more affordable options compared to Untappd.
    • Features: Each alternative provides unique features, catering to different needs. OpenTap focuses on simplicity, BeerMenus on flexibility, and Evergreen Technology on multi-location support.
    • Geographic Focus: OpenTap is California-focused, while BeerMenus lists various cities, and Evergreen Technology has a national presence.

In conclusion, the craft brewery owners and managers have viable alternatives to Untappd, each with its own strengths and features. The choice depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific marketing needs.

3 Best Untappd Alternatives to Save Time and Money in 2020 — OpenTap (2024)
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