Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (2024)

No matter how many times you’ve been to a city, there’s nothing like seeing it through a local’s eyes! This guide to Den Bosch written by Brabant local Francis brings you to some local-only insider spots in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, one of Brabant’s loveliest cities. We hope that it inspires you to revisit Den Bosch, even if you’ve been before!

As a small child, Francis (who runs a family blog about her life in Brabant) spent her time between two Dutch cities: Eindhoven and Den Bosch. In her teenage years, she spent more time in Eindhoven, but now as an adult, she fully appreciates the charms of Den Bosch.

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A secret: She considers it to be her favorite city in the Netherlands. Anyways, if you’re planning to visit Den Bosch, this article will bring you to the loveliest places in Den Bosch that you must see with this local’s guide to Den Bosch!


  • 1 De Korte Putstraat
  • 2 Design Museum Den Bosch and Het Noordbrabants Museum
  • 3 Bossche Bouwers aan de Vaart
  • 4 Bolwerk Sint-Jan
  • 5 Standswandeling (City tour)
  • 6 A Bosse Bol
  • 7 Have you been to Den Bosch?

De Korte Putstraat

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (3)

A Den Bosch local will immediately think of Korte Putstaat, a small beautiful street full of Brabant charm. You always find great cafes for food and drinks along with the nicest terraces in the city. From brown bars (a traditional Dutch cafe) to fine dining, there’s something for everyone.

Den Bosch was voted the most hospitable city in the Netherlands multiple times as you’ll understand immediately once you’re on this charming street… This cozy street has only existed since 1990 yet it’s had over 50,000 visitors already.

Looking for fine dining? I recommend Het Lokaal 1650. This nice restaurant with food from all around the world sits at the end of the street. You can enjoy the informal atmosphere along with a shared dining concept.

If you’re looking for a drink after dinner at a cozy cafe, you must visit ‘t Pantoffeltje. This is the place to be on Korte Putstraat for a drink, a chat, and perhaps a dance.

Design Museum Den Bosch and Het Noordbrabants Museum

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (4)

Behind the train station in the heart of the city center, there are two museums: the Design Museum of Den Bosch and the North Brabant Museum (Noordbrabants Museum) Interestingly enough, these museums share a property, so you can easily visit both museums in one visit.

You might wonder: What is the difference between these museums? The Design Museum of Den Bosch used to be called the Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch. You can learn about the influence of design on our daily lives, the stories behind these iconic designs, and weigh the meaning of design for our past and future.

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The Noordbrabants Museum is the best place to learn about the cultural heritage of Brabant, which is a nice contrast to the other museum. Both museums are quite different although worth visiting, so be sure to check the agenda for the latest exhibitions.

Bossche Bouwers aan de Vaart

Craft beer has become a global phenomenon with new craft breweries popping up like mushrooms. Of course, Den Bosch has craft beer too. At Bossche Brouwers aan de Vaart, you can enjoy the beers in quite a few unique ways.

The bar has a game that you can play with known and unknown items. You can also enjoy a beer tasting along the water on a boat (on a nice day) while trying their own beer. Not surprisingly, you can take a tour of the brewery and enjoy live music along with theme nights at the bars.

There’s almost always a new beer of the week, so be sure to try this beer along with the other beers that you can only find in Den Bosch. (Of course, you can bring a bottle home with you!)

Not a beer lover? Don’t fret. There’s still plenty to enjoy along this gorgeous location along the water as they serve other drinks besides beer.

Bolwerk Sint-Jan

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (5)

Looking for a chance to unwind after sightseeing? I recommend heading to Bolwerk Sint-Jan, the perfect place to get away from the crowds.

This former rampart at the end of Sint Jansstraat (which used to be the same height as the street) used to be part of the 14th-century gate of the city. This gate (Koepoort [Cow port]) led towards Vlijmen. In 1528, the fortifications were built as the gate was too weak to defend the city. The defense structure is a triangular defense structure that was then renamed Sint-Janspoort.

Today, you can find an information center and a cozy brassier in the spot where the medieval city gate used to be. It’s a really special place to sit and soak up the history along this beautiful and tranquil place along the water.

Standswandeling (City tour)

If you love walking and history, you should consider taking a walking tour in Den Bosch. There are a few fantastic walking tours that include going through St. John’s Cathedral and the Palace Quarter.

If you’re a fan of Jhernominus Bosch, you can also take a tour highlighting the rich history of Den Bosch. I even learn things along these walking tours, which are run by passionate volunteers. (You can reserve these walking tours as well as boat tours online through the Den Bosch tourism board online or in person. )

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A Bosse Bol

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (6)

Of course, you must have a Bosse Bol, the iconic dessert of Den Bosch from Jan de Groot bakery. This dessert is made with whipped cream as well as chocolate.

Unsure of how to eat it? Don’t worry: There’s not a correct way. Some choose to spoon out the whipped cream before taking a fork and knife to it! Others go bold and decide to take a giant bite.

Have you been to Den Bosch?

Click for a first time guide to Den Bosch

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (7)

As an avid traveler and enthusiast deeply immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of the Netherlands and Belgium, I bring to you an insider's perspective on the captivating city of Den Bosch. My passion for exploring hidden gems and local haunts has led me to uncover the soul of this charming Brabant city. Allow me to guide you through the enchanting streets and cultural delights that Den Bosch has to offer, drawing from my first-hand experiences and in-depth knowledge.

De Korte Putstraat: When it comes to Den Bosch, a local immediately thinks of De Korte Putstraat, a gem nestled in the heart of the city. This small, beautiful street exudes Brabant charm, boasting great cafes, delightful terraces, and a variety of dining options. From traditional brown bars to fine dining establishments, this street, though relatively young, has already welcomed over 50,000 visitors. For a fine dining experience, I recommend exploring Het Lokaal 1650, situated at the end of the street, offering a shared dining concept and a diverse menu. And for a post-dinner drink, 't Pantoffeltje is the go-to spot for a cozy atmosphere and perhaps a dance.

Design Museum Den Bosch and Het Noordbrabants Museum: Located behind the train station, these two museums, the Design Museum of Den Bosch and the North Brabant Museum, share a property, allowing visitors to seamlessly explore both in one visit. The Design Museum delves into the impact of design on daily life, unraveling the stories behind iconic designs. On the other hand, the North Brabant Museum offers a deep dive into the cultural heritage of Brabant, providing a complementary experience. Be sure to check the agenda for the latest exhibitions, as both museums offer unique perspectives.

Bossche Bouwers aan de Vaart: Craft beer enthusiasts will find a haven in Den Bosch at Bossche Bouwers aan de Vaart. This establishment not only offers a diverse selection of craft beers but also provides unique experiences like beer tastings on a boat along the water. With regular brewery tours, live music, and theme nights, this spot is a hub for beer connoisseurs. And fear not if beer isn't your preferred beverage—there are plenty of alternatives to enjoy in this picturesque location by the water.

Bolwerk Sint-Jan: For a tranquil escape after sightseeing, Bolwerk Sint-Jan beckons. This former rampart, once part of the 14th-century gate of the city, has been transformed into a serene spot away from the crowds. With historical significance dating back to 1528, it offers an information center and a cozy brasserie. It's a special place to unwind and absorb the history while enjoying the serene surroundings along the water.

Standswandeling (City Tour): If you have a penchant for walking and history, consider taking a city tour in Den Bosch. Explore St. John's Cathedral, the Palace Quarter, and delve into the rich history of the city. Passionate volunteers lead these walking tours, providing insights that even seasoned visitors might find enlightening. Booking these tours online through the Den Bosch tourism board ensures a seamless experience.

A Bosse Bol: No visit to Den Bosch is complete without savoring a Bosse Bol from Jan de Groot bakery. This iconic dessert, featuring whipped cream and chocolate, is a culinary delight. Whether you choose to delicately spoon out the whipped cream or take a bold bite, there's no wrong way to enjoy this Den Bosch classic.

As someone deeply connected to the allure of Den Bosch, I invite you to immerse yourself in the local charm and hidden treasures of this beloved city. Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning, let this guide be your key to unlocking the enchanting secrets that Den Bosch has to offer.

Insider spots in 's-Hertogenbosch that you must see by a local (2024)
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